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Brittany, of Ohh! Foods, on How She Started the Company

ohh! foods allergen free snacks

When I found Ohh! products on Instagram, I was immediately intrigued. The packaging was cute, the flavors (3) sounded delicious, and they were top 8 free. Then I did a bit more reading and discovered that not only is it a local Toronto company, but the founder is a young woman named Brittany. I'm now happy to offer all three flavors plus a variety 6 pack here on Handled With Care. Read more about Ohh! Foods in the interview with Brittany, below. 

Q: Where did the name Ohh Foods come from?
A: The name Ohh! Foods came from wanting to create excitement while saying it was delicious without trying the product.
Ohh! create curiosity and excitement and the product doesn't disappoint.

Q: Why is it important to you to produce allergen-free foods? Do you have food allergies yourself?
A: When thinking about the type of company I wanted to create, allergen free was always at the top because I suffer with my own food allergies.  I have always been lactose in tolerate and in my teenage years, developed an allergy to peanuts and tree nuts causing me to be very cautious of everything I consumed.  I know how it feels to go into a resturant or store, hoping to purchase something that looks tasty only to find out that it contains ingredients you are allergic to.  I wanted to break that and create products that people could feel free with. 

ohh foods brownie allergy free

Q: Starting your own food company is a big accomplishment, especially at such a young age. What helped you find your calling, and do you have any mentors?
A: Starting my own foods company has been a journey that I could not have imagined.  I have always been into starting things, since I was young I was always creating things I thought were really interesting and selling them to people, When I was in daycare, my passion was pillows, pens and jewlery.  I use to make them from scratch, my mom would get me the fabric and cotton and I would sit there and patch each one. I would make really cool pens and key chains with my friends as well and our daycare would encourage us to sell them there to the parents.  So from a really young age I was always encouraged to do really fun projects and watch them come to light.  I have a few mentors that have been amazing in helping me grow, I have mentors that help with the sales strategy, Brand + Marketing strategy and financial strategy as well. 

Q: Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit? Can we expect to see more amazing products from Ohh Foods?
A: Yes, I have always been encouraged to follow my dreams and told I could do anything I really worked hard for. Ohh! Foods will be innovating more products very soon. We want to become a leader in the allergen free market and excited to introduce new innovations soon.

Q: What aspect of having food allergies was most a struggle for you growing up?
A: Growing up with a food allergy, I think not being able to have ice cream with all of my friends and having to have a substitute or even having hot chocolate. I think most of my struggles came when I was with friends, noticing they were able to have something I wasn't able to and when I did try it I would become very sick. So it was not worth it.

Q: What positive qualities or outcomes have arisen from having food allergies? 
A: Constantly being on the hunt for new foods & snacks

Q: Who do you most look up to within the food allergy community?
A: In the food allergy community, there are so many great brands.  I look up to anyone who is transparent and creating a positive change.

Q: Why are you excited to see your products on Handled With Care?
A: I am excited to see our products on Handled with Care because it is a one stop shop for allergen free products. I love that there is one place our consumers can go to and not only get our allergen free snacks, but many others as well. 

Q: What's one piece of advice you would give readers to inspire confidence in their lives?
A: Comparison kills all dreams, never compare your story to someones journey in life. You are on your own journey and two journeys are never the same.