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Natural Eczema Care

  • Eczema Honey Nut-Free Honey Healing Cream
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  • Eczema Honey Premium Cotton Eczema Gloves
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  • KINWA Bars 15 Pack, Assorted Flavors
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  • KINWA 5 bar packs
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  • Coconut Cloud Original Creamer Sticks - Pack of 3
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  • MadeGood 4 x Granola Minis Pack
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  • Holy Crap Gluten-Free Oatmeal 3 Pack
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  • 4 x Giddy Yoyo Gourmet Chocolate
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  • Super Seedz Sea Salt Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds x 2
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  • Naturally Free Hair Care
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  • Naturally Free Full Line Package
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  • MadeGood Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips 3 Pack
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What people are saying

It actually brings tears to my eyes that my family could enjoy a gift box of safe food and products. 

Laura, California

The variety boxes are helpful for those newly diagnosed who need to find safe top 8 allergen free options - hassle free. But they are also good for veteran parents.  The wide selection in each box let’s a child explore many varieties of each product and figure out which she liked most before investing in boxes of them.

Lori M.

It is rare to find products with natural ingredients that are free from allergens and that are effective. Handled With Care has given me the ability to shop a range of allergen free products that I can trust and enjoy! I will continue to repurchase!

Madison E, Ontario

Instead of having to go to different stores to look for products, it was really convenient to find everything in one spot. I really like the bundles!

John O, Ontario

Handled With Care makes it so much easier to shop allergen-free! I love the variety of their products... from safe natural skincare to delicious snacks, HWC has it all!

Kavita G, Ontario

About Handled With Care

As a person with multiple severe food allergies, I wasn't satisfied with the online shopping experience for people like myself. So I started my own...

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Food Allergy Canada

A portion of sales from now until the end of December, 2018, will be donated to Food Allergy Canada, an education and advocacy organization. 

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The New Munchie On the Block

Ohh! Munchies are a line of delicious new allergy-friendly treats. Read more about why the young founder of this brand wants to make snack foods inclusive.

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